Jason Hinde was interviewed by South African entrepreneur, Ronald Abvajee, the Presenter of Shape Your Life, ANN7 Channel 405 DSTV.

Ronald met Jason for a round of golf and an interview at the Parkview Golf Course, Johannesburg about Jason’s experience having dealt with a mother diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

Ronald stated that one in every eight women in South Africa is at risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. Only a statistic until a family member is diagnosed with the disease, then it becomes a reality. Affecting the whole family, including teenagers and children.

Ronald: ‘Today we’re chatting to Jason Hinde, (15), a student at St John’s College in Johannesburg, about his journey dealing with his mother’s breast cancer diagnoses and the Hinde Youth Foundation also known as HYF, a Section 18A charity organisation that Jason started.

Ronald: ‘Jason, what happened when you found out that your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and how did it make you feel?’

Jason: ‘I was scared. My dad collected me from a leadership camp and we were very emotional about the news. I was told my mom would undergo a year of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatments. I tried to make sense of it for the first few weeks. I spent a lot of time in my room and on the golf course. The thought of my mother suffering made me really sad’.

Ronald: ‘What happened to your mom then’?

Jason: ‘Mom began her chemotherapy treatments and started loosing her hair. She began to look different, somewhat like an alien, but I didn’t care, she was still my mom. When I returned home from Christmas holidays, my mother was completely bald and had lost a lot of weight. By then, I was over the shock and attended her treatments without a problem. During one of my mom’s treatments, I sat and spoke to her doctor, Prof Carol-Ann Benn, who told me that because her cancer was detected in time, she had a very good chance of a healthy recovery’.

Roanld: ‘What is your message to other teenagers having to deal with a mother with breast cancer’?

Jason: ‘Teenagers should encourage their mothers to go for regular checkups, as early detection can save your mother’s life. It saved my mother’s life. Dealing with my mother’s breast cancer was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do. I will never be the same again, but the experience made me strong and compassionate towards other people and the bond between my mom and I has grown even stronger’.

Ronald: ‘Jason, what are you doing now and what positive changes have come out of your experience’?

Jason: ‘Apart from my school studies and golf, in my free time I am involved in HYF, the foundation I started, where we raise funds for causes such as breast cancer. My uncle, famous wildlife photographer and conservationist Gerald Hinde, donated a photographic portfolio to me for fund raising. Through sales and auctions of these photographs, the funds raised have benefited wildlife conservation, education and breast cancer.

THE BREAST HEALTH FOUNDATION: Headed up by Prof Carol-Ann Benn, is situated at the Helen Joseph Hospital, a Government facility, which has the latest equipment and world class doctors. If you do not have a medical aid, that’s the best place to go to for the best treatment.

Helen Joseph Hospital

1 Perth Road, Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa
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Jason Hinde Interview – Shape your Life – ANN7
Jason & Ronald, HYF, Hinde Youth Foundation