[fusion_text]The colour panoramic image of 11 Diagonal street (by Helmut Jahn Chicago & Louis Karol local supervision) was done from a roof nearby and it took me about three months to negotiate access… Eventually I found a soft spot on a Friday night as security guards changed shift. I waited for an hour after a big storm for the change of shift, the views were incredible. First they showed me a window in the revamped part of the building, but eventually I was let loose on the roof, very difficult to repeat.

Recently, I found some old negatives taken as a 5th year student.  Ironically, I did two B&W images of the building under construction and a street view shortly after completion late 1985 or early 1986.  I was documenting the city on my own steam as always. I don’t think many photographers can show this process over a period of 30 years. The digital copies of the B&W images are not accurate in colour, ideally I will rephotograph the negs, but prefer printing them in the darkroom, analogue is analogue!

Leon Krige is an acclaimed photographer and architect. He lectures Architectural Theory & Design at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Krige generously donated the image of 11 Diagonal street to HYF to aid efforts in raising funds for breast cancer.   Visit the HYF SHOP to purchase LEON KRIGE art. All proceeds are donated to the Breast Health Foundation.


Leon Krige – Diagonal Street then and now
Leon Krige, The Hinde Youth Foundation, HYF, Jason Hinde