When I donated a Gerald Hinde photograph to Adopt-a-School Foundation for fundraising last year, I did not imagine it would raise a whopping £4,500 (R83,250) for children’s education. The photograph of a leopard taken by my great uncle, wildlife photographer Gerald Hinde, was auctioned at the Adopt-a-School Foundation fundraiser held in London. My great uncle had donated 20 limited edition photographs to me for my fundraising campaigns and so far eleven have been sold and auctioned. The dramatic photograph, entitled “Leopard Conservation under the Spotlight” feature a magnificent leopard captured at night, crouched by the water’s edge. Each limited edition print is signed and numbered 1 to 20, and framed with the choice of coffee black frame, white frame with border, on canvas or Diasec frame (vacuum sealed between two sheets of perspex).  The funds raised from the sale of the photographs have benefited wildlife conservation and through the auction in London, also children’s education.

I donated the piece by Gerald to Adopt-a-School ‘s Chairman, Deputy President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa. I felt honoured that Mr Ramaphosa included the photograph in the fundraiser’s auction catalogue and then invited me to his office to thank me in person for my contribution. He gave me a signed copy of his biography ‘Cyril Ramaphosa’, written by Anthony Butler. Inside the cover, Mr Ramaphosa himself wrote: ‘Jason, thank you for supporting the Adopt-a-School Foundation with the donation of a photograph. You have demonstrated that you care about other people. Please don’t stop. Grow up to do good works’.

20 Numbered photographs 1-11 have sold with 12-20 for sale in HYF Shop @ R45,000 each. Number 7 has sold for R83,000 on auction

Visit the HYF Shop to purchase Gerald Hinde photographic art. All proceeds are donated to wildlife conservation and children’s education.

Leopard Photograph Raises Thousands for Education
Gerald Hinde, Under the Spotlight, Photography, Mala Mala Game Reserve