Hi I’m Cam Hinde – on behalf of the Hinde Youth Foundation I would like to congratulate Themba Mbele for his contribution to women’s empowerment – a cause close to my heart.

Themba’s compassion and care for his community is wonderful to witness. He heard that girls at his former school, Lerethodi High, were missing a week of school every month due to not having sanitary pads. Hyf teamed up with Themba and travelled to the school, in Bethany in the North West Province, to distribute the reusable Palesa Pad kits amongst the 200 girls.

These kits provide a sustainable solution for up to 5 years, which is a girl’s high school career. Thank you to the Palesa Pads team for their dedication to keep girls in school even during their period cycle.

watch the space for more news on this worthwhile campaign.

Palesa Pads for Lerothodi Highschool. Cameron Hinde and Themba Mbele from HYF