Project: HYF ‘2020 Keeping Girls in School’ Pad Drive Campaign

Category: Youth Education & Health

School:  The Hope School

Address: Pallinghurst Road,

Westcliffe, Johannesburg,

Gauteng, 2093

On 4 November 2021, the HYF Team visited The Hope School (JOHANNESBURG), as part of our 2020 HYF ‘Keeping Girls in School’ Pad Drive Campaign.  

The HYF Team handed out reusable pad and goody hampers to the school girls, from grades 8 to 12.  The handover included HYF’s Health and Reproductive Educational Presentation (which benefits both boy and girl pupils). 

Although a list of 12 of the poorest Q1 Gauteng schools were earmarked for HYF donations in 2020, we were only able to reach out to The Hope School. This was due to the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which we had to either cancel or delay the 2020 HYF Schools Programme (which includes the distribution of Reusable Sanitary Pad Kits).

The HYF Pad Drive Campaign was founded in 2018 in response to the lack of essential feminine hygiene products (sanitary pads) available to lower-income girls in the poorest rural and township areas, resulting in high absenteeism numbers in schools.

Research shows that a girl can miss a whole year of her high school career, due to not having access to sanitary pads.

For many families, basic survival is a priority and there is simply no funds available for the monthly purchase.

This affects a girl’s health, education and wellbeing, as well as her ability to be productive in society.  Most girls eventually end up dropping out of school altogether.


HYF Goodwill Ambassador, Themba Mbele, and his team manage the worthwhile informative presentations.

Themba Mbele

Themba is a passionate motivational speaker and nine times Comrades runner.  His motivational talks and educational presentations are very popular and are a valuable contribution to the welfare of his audience.

It includes health information and interactive discussions with pupils (both boys and girls) on reproductive health and youth related issues. Boys are often included in the activities, as they greatly benefit from the information.

  • Health brochures/pamphlets are handed out and contains valuable information on reproduction, health and other related issues.
  • School visits ends off with music and dancing.
  • HYF’s school visits usually include a celebrity, videographer and photographer. However, due to COVID 19 pandemic, this was unfortunately not possible.



HYF Pad Kits (branded as HYF) can be used for up to 5 years, for less than 20% of the cost of disposable pads.

There are three quality, waterproof, quick-absorbing and washable fabric pads per kit.  The pads are environmentally friendly, providing a sustainable solution for up to 5 years, which is a girl’s high school career.

Pad kits are distributed in either a box, organza/cotton drawstring bags or a pink/purple TUB.  The packaging include:

  • HYF and Sponsors’ branding and logos;
  • Each pad has a care label with washing and drying instructions;
  • Also, a menstrual health brochure and directions for use and care;
  • HYF’s more expensive pad kits include a small plastic washtub and detergent, enabling girls to wash, dry and store.


Continued product donations are included in the goody bags e.g. soaps, detergents, snacks, makeup, perfume samples, refreshments, toiletries, hair products, underwear & stationery, etc.  

For the Hope School Pad Drop, the goody bags included sponsored disposable pad packs, soaps and detergent packs, crisp packs, juice boxes, sweets, sanitary wipes and Palesa Pad kits (presented in a pink/purple tub with lid).

  • Sanitary pads are part of the SARS zero-rated VAT list
  • PBO Status : HYF has public benefit organisation status for the purpose of section 18A of the Act.


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HYF ‘2020 Keeping Girls in School’ Pad Drive Campaign